The waiting game.

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A man named John came from DCF to assess my 'case' on Wednesday. I wish he was able to be our worker. He was just the most understanding and sweetest man and didn't judge me at all. He understood the disease and my insane, asshat mistake.

He asked me questions about what happened the night I was brought to the hospital, DOBs, numbers of friends and family, Talked to Kelsee, explained to me what it is that is going on, and just shot the shit with me for a bit.

Charlie was supposed to have a 'phone interview' with him last Thursday, but he never called. Charlie called him on Friday and left a message, but nothing. And he still hasn't gone to speak with Baylie or Bri-Elle. So not really sure what's going on there.

Within 15 days, my case will have been fully assessed and passed on to a permenant worker who will then lay out a service plan for my family. Most likely, Charlie will have to complete some sort of program, which could range from just NA to an actual live in facility. I will pass on elaborating much further on that.

Currently, I am sick with a bad head cold that is progressing into my chest and Charlie is now sick. We will take it one day at a time and I will do my best (again0 to help him through it. We need him to get through it, not just because of me or him, but my girls future depends on it...our family depends on it.